Palos Heights Specials

Lunar Elixir | 13

BLUE MOON –  alchemy in action…watch this beautiful blue cocktail turn purple with a little magic!!  Butterfly pea flower, tropical juices, vodka and coconut rum, lime & full moon water infused with crystals and whispered intentions



Eggs Zenedict | 12
blackened zucchini, butternut squash, potatoes, red peppers, griddled english muffin, guajillo horseradish hollandaise


Blueberry Peach French Toast | 12
peach blueberry chamomile compote, fresh blueberries, cream cheese drizzle, powdered sugar


Blackened Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich | 17
blackened chicken breast, arugula, dill yogurt, cucumber, kalamata olive, hummus, soft bun, choice of fries or daily soup — Sub Kefta lamb and beef patty for $3 more




Monk Fish-28

Monkfish over linguini with capers and roasted red peppers; tossed in a fennel sauce with pine nuts and grana cheese


Kefta Bowl-19

        Kefta kabobs with spaghetti squash, hummus, spicy feta mushrooms, onions, zucchini, with tzatziki sauce



                                                                                    Crème Brulee-12

                                                                                New York Cheesecake -13

                                                                                   Smores Cookie Skillet13



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