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Palos Heights Specials

WORM MOON–  CBD COZY KUSH CUBE – cbd and terpene sugar cube with full moon water infused with crystals and whispered intentions, prosecco


The Everleigh ~ 14
our twist on Prohibition Era ”Southside”  

                             gin, honey lavender syrup, mint, lemon, orange flower, bitters

 The 44 ~ 18
shout out to the OG Trader Vic’s Classic!

            Jamaican rum, demerara rum, house made orgeat (almond syrup)  lime, navy proof rum float

                                                                this delicious drink is No Joke & packs a serious punch

Rosé Aperol Spritz ~ 14
Aperol, Santa Margherita Rosé, soda, orange

                                                        gather & sip some authentic Venetian countryside vibes

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