Specials Munster




Lunar Elixir | 13
 BLUE MOON –  alchemy in action…watch this beautiful blue cocktail turn purple with a little magic!!  Butterfly pea flower, tropical juices, vodka and coconut rum, lime & full moon water infused with crystals and whispered intentions


Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich| 13
chicken breast, arugula, dill yogurt, cucumber, kalamata olive, soft bun, choice of fries or daily soup



Berry Bourbon Lemonade | 11
strawberry and blueberry infused bourbon loaded with fresh herbs, lemonade


Harvest Room Shandy | 7
draft pils, lemonade, hibiscus syrup


Bells Oberan  | 7
American Wheat Ale, 5.8%


ON TAP: Revolution | 6
Eugene Porter, 6.8% ABV


ON TAP: Three Floyds | 6
Barbarian Haze, IPA 6.5% ABV


ON TAP Vandermill | 6
totally roasted cider, 6.5% ABV


ON TAP: 18th St | 6
chasing paper,  pale ale 6.2% ABV


ON TAP: Devil’s Trumpet | 6
pilsner 5.5% ABV


Social 54 | 44
54 ounce pitcher of sharable fun
choose from lemonade, sangria,
or brunch punch

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